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Fleming and Reid offer free legal advice on family issues. In the break-up of relationships we will achieve the best result for you whilst avoiding animosity wherever possible, and looking after the interests of any children. We pride ourselves on resolving divorce, child support, child maintenance, common law marriages and separation agreement disputes to the satisfaction of our clients.

Divorce will change your financial status, therefore it is essential that you know exactly what your marital financial status is before starting the process, ensuring you are protected before, during and after your divorce. Each spouse must make a full financial disclosure. In most cases both parties are open and honest however if this is not the case, we can help you obtain the proper information if your husband or wife is uncooperative. Every divorce is unique but you can be assured of our professional guidance and support throughout the process.

We can assist you in arranging contact with your child. Where possible we will negotiate this on your behalf without the need for a court case. If this is not an option we will raise court proceedings as a matter of urgency. Our expertise in this area will ensure a swift and successful outcome.

Our team of expert Solicitors will ensure that you get a financial settlement which is realistic and enables you to retain sufficient assets and income for your future life

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All accused persons have the right to seek advice from an independent Solicitor, and we will attend upon all those in police custody, when we are requested. We can also advise if you are eligible for Legal Aid.

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Our team of Lawyers has a superb track record built on several decades experience in practising Criminal Law. We are able to provide advice, assistance and representation in relation to all types of offences.

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