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Fleming and Reid's specialist Mental Health Solicitors are Curators ad Litem appointed by the Mental Health Tribunal Service. This means that we are approved by the Tribunal Service as we have considerable experience of this type of work. Our dedicated team of experienced Lawyers regularly represent patients and their nearest relatives before Mental Health Tribunals.

In addition to advocacy we deal with all other aspects of Mental Health Law including assisting clients detained under civil provisions, hospital orders and transfer provisions, as well as those admitted informally.

We are committed to our clients and will attend upon them at home or within hospital as a matter of priority.

We can assist in all aspects of Mental Health legislation, in particular:-

  • Representation before the Mental Health Tribunal Scotland
  • Advising on rights to challenge detention under the Mental Health Act
  • Advising on the law in relation to treatment without consent and making representations
  • Advising and making representations where appropriate in relation to rights to aftercare
  • Judicial Review cases
  • Appeals against excessive security levels

We recognise how distressing and confusing circumstances can be and how you or a family member would benefit from high quality advice in this particular area of law.

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