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Family law and divorce

Dealing with the breakdown of a relationship can be extremely difficult, but our team of family law specialists are here for you every step of the way.

We always strive to achieve the best result for you and will aim to handle your case in a discreet manner, avoiding animosity wherever possible and putting the interests of any children at the forefront of our priorities.

We have a range of skills in all areas of family law including divorce, child support, child maintenance, and separation agreement disputes.

The breakdown of a marriage will inevitably change your financial status, and it is essential that you know exactly what your marital financial situation is before starting the divorce process. We strive to ensure that you are protected before, during and after your divorce. We can help you obtain the proper information in the event your spouse is uncooperative. Every divorce is unique, but you can be assured of our professional guidance and support throughout the process. We have extensive experience in dealing with high value complex actions and regularly instruct counsel in the Court of Session.

Divorce aside, we offer a complete range of family law services. Our dedicated specialists can assist you in arranging contact with your child. We will always negotiate on your behalf and will aim to deal with family law matters in the first instance without any need for court interference. Our broad range of family law expertise will provide you with the best opportunity of a swift and successful outcome no matter the issue.

Have you received paperwork from court?

Has your contact with your children been stopped?

Are you considering a divorce?

Contact us today. Our team of family law experts are ready to help you

Our team of expert Solicitors will ensure that you get a financial settlement which is realistic and enables you to retain sufficient assets and income for your future life.

Brian Cooney

Brian Cooney

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